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Power in the Blood is the first novel in a series featuring Lettie Sue Wolfe, a forensic artist specializing in facial reconstruction for identification purposes. She has been widowed and has returned to southern Indiana to live close to two nonagenarian neighbors. They find themselves knee-deep in murder and mayhem in their seemingly peaceful community which they inhabit with greedy businessmen and religious snake handlers.

Released by SterlingHouse Publisher in July, 2005.

Trade Paperback/Price $12.95

ISBN 1-56315-365-3

Available from your local bookstore, your online bookstore, or directly from SterlingHouse: 1-888-542-2665 or

Cover design by Jonah Lloyd, SterlingHouse Publisher


Midwest Book Review

"Ms. Stewart's first Lettie Sue mystery is a barn-storming page turner! She uses the naturally sinister topography of her home town to cook up a plot that is as compelling as her relationship with her elderly neighbors and animals is sweet. This mystery is the best kind of cozy that is appropriate for virtually any age group, and is as entertaining as it can be. Lettie Sue is a likable character with talent, character, and is just nosy enough to constantly get herself into a pickle. Ms. Stewart adds obvious regional oddballs to give an already excellent tale more credence. POWER IN THE BLOOD is a good, old fashioned story with love, religious fanaticism, family togetherness, and healing after the loss of a loved one. Lettie Sue is just getting started."

Shelley Glodowski
Senior Reviewer


Power in the Blood

Brenda Robertson Stewart

Sterling House Publisher; Trade Paper, $12.95; Genre: Cozy mystery

"Loretta Sue Parker Wolfe is a sculptress who has found a peculiar niche for her artistic skills - - she reconstructs skulls for forensic identification purposes.  Known as the “skull lady” and recently widowed, she has moved back to Southern Indiana where she was born and raised.   Her skills soon come into demand when an anthropologist at nearby Indiana University asks her to reconstruct the facial features on a skull with a bullet-hole, found in a nearby limestone sinkhole. 

As Lettie’s work progresses, she soon realizes that she knows the deceased girl.  Martha Freeman, a black girl and the sister of Lettie’s childhood best friend Sassy, went missing thirty years ago.  The local law enforcement had done only a cursory investigation and then chalked her disappearance up as a run-away. 

Marty’s reappearance as a murder victim sets the small Southern Indiana town abuzz.  Once again the local law in the form of Sheriff Leroy Andrews, a contemporary of Lettie and Sassy and a one time companion of the missing girl, is not really interested in pursuing what is now a murder gone very stale. 

Lettie makes the decision to pursue an investigation herself, thus setting the cat among the pigeons.  Now, she is a target for the murderer who’d gotten away with killing Marty all those years ago.

What sets Ms. Stewart’s mystery apart from other cold case murders is the Southern Indiana setting.   From persimmon pudding to blue grass music to snake-handling preachers and limestone quarries, the author evokes a world that not even many native Hoosiers see or know."

–Moni Draper for The Mystery Company Bookstore.

Tag line: “A missing girl, a skull, and a forensic sculptor form a murder montage in scenic Southern Indiana.” -- Monette Michaels, author of the EPPIE winning thriller, Blind-Sided and the Gooden & Knight Paranormal Mysteries.


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Wednesday, September 13

Power in the Blood by Brenda Robertson Stewart

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